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    Yup. I love an old, gig-worn instrument. Like my own.
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    @Nicolaspaul they are the original pickups except that the bridge HB had to have a coil rewound about 3 years ago. It's stock otherwise and I even have the case candy and hang tags, not sure what it's worth as they hang about when offered for sale but I've recently seen one for thousands on an auction site. Anyway this guitar is not for sale and is being left to one of my sons because of it's legacy.
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    I dont blame you for not wanting to sell. What a great plan :) and one lucky boy!
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    Nothing much new here. Several gigs with the funk band and I'm still rehearsing with a changed lineup on the new country rock outfit. Not gig ready yet because the singer gigs with his dad a lot and so regular rehearsals don't happen.
    Gear wise the only addition a couple of months back was a EH MEL9 pedal. I remember the demo videos when they first came out and quite liked the idea, although I had no use for one. Well keys player in the country rock band fell by the wayside so I figured going to a 4 piece with acoustic and electric guitar was all the excuse I needed.
    It's a bit of a gimmick (surprised!) but I have found a couple of uses for it and I've had fun messing about at home from time to time.
    Wouldn't surprise me if it ended up sold again in a year or two after I've had my fun.

    Otherwise no deps at present so easy life.
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    Still always nice to hear what's been going on ES, and glad you've still got a few things on the burner. I don't think I've been gigging as long as you, but I have found that there are some bands that don't really rehearse enough (or ever in the case of one!), and others that seem to call rehearsals at the drop of a hat, when they won't really make much difference - neither situation is ideal! :D I'll have a look at the EH MEL9 on Youtube - they do make some fun stuff I must say. :)
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    Strewth A long time since an update. So whats been happening?
    New Country rock outfit has undergone several line up changes but is now looking quite good. Girl singer (Pro jazz singer), Old and experienced keyboard player with lead and harmony vocals, singing bass player, loud young drummer and me.
    As the only guitarist in the band I've been using a lot of acoustic for certain songs. I still have the Epiphone PR350s and find that it sounds best plugged in when the PU is loaded correctly with a decent DI box. So I went the extra mile and bought a Mesa Rosette DI and preamp pedal. Now as a man well used to mixers I can say the more knobs the better, and this thing is well endowed. It makes this cheap but pleasent acoustic sounf full and rich while being loud and not feeding back, recommended to anyone in a similar position.
    So The PR350s and my Telecaster are all I use and I'm really pleased with the noise we are making, next we need some gigs.
    Funk band are now learning Young Hearts run free (more soul than funk I guess) but it's just a revision for me as I've done it before. Always there, Night to Remember and Never too much. So thats thursday evening taken care off. We meet at the drummers house and eat chinese while working up the numbers, then take them to a full rehearsal another day.
    And I've had a phone call from an old mate who is running a couple of not very busy bands, in one the young singer/second guitarist has gone off to sea/cruising and in the other the male lead singer (75 and hell of a voice) has lost interest in the band thing so he asked if I would be interested in being those two people. The band lineup is almost identical in the two bands except the keys players are different, and I know/have worked with them all but one of the keys players before (two are from the old soul band days). He read me the set list the do, I think I said 'yes I know that' to 9 out of 10 from the 40 odd titles he said. So there are a couple of gigs for each of these bands over the next 6 months I get to do if I want and a forthcomming jam session we are all attending goes right with me in the male singer role (they already have a fantastic female singer and I don't have the legs for that anymore).

    Just a final word (I've obviously been saving them up, this is getting a bit long), Cu Da Groove did a birthday party in a museum a couple of weekend ago, a few days after that I passed the 60 goal myself but don't feel I should mention it. The party was for a bloke of 90, yes 90. He was there about 6.40pm to greet all his guests and danced with his daugthers and grandaughters right up to midnight. He also came up and sang a verse of 'My way' just before he gave his speach. I shall keep going a little while longer if he is my example.
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    Loud young drummer... :D I know a loud old drummer, but "loud" seems to be a bit of a theme with drummers. The ones that have a bit of dynamic range and occasional subtlety are to be valued. Still, that sounds like a terrific band, nice one ES.

    Some sort of plug in-able acoustic, plus similar nylon-string perhaps, is a thing I think about for myself from time to time - given how little I would require it though, probably not worth spending a fortune on. What is the pickup on your Epiphone?

    The funk(/soul) band sounds like a nice setup too, and glad you're still being kept busy with other things also - in demand, and well deserved I'm sure. Keep going while we can is good advice! :)
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    Megi, the Epiphone is a simple under the saddle piezo pickup. Passive but there is a volume and tone knob on the upper bout.
    iirc Jocko had one of these too. they were only made for a couple of years at the end of the 80s or early 90s.
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    Yes, it was a wonderful guitar. Just too big for my fat belly! My nephew has it now.
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    Coming to the end of the busy gigging period. I've done two gigs with the old mates band quite successfully, nothing on the horizon there in the forseeable. The other old singer he had in another band has contacted me about another project he's getting involved in (too much energy for a man of 75). Anyway they are putting together a 60s british pop revival band and needed a second guitarist/third voice. I met them in a remote cottage on Sunday and we bashed through about 30 probable songs in a couple of hours with acoustic guitars and voices. It looks like another project is launched. This is a whole different discipline for me, I was too young to get involved the first time through but the vocal harmonies on things like the Hollies are wonderful.
    Also last week I was asked to play guitar again for panto in February, the fact that two of the songs are Bohemian Rhapsody and Everything she does is magic and they are likely to be full versions! Added to that we are going to get to perform an instrumental as the show come out of the break, this is to be decided but once before we did War of the worlds so expectations are high.
    I've just two more gigs in 2018, a country band (old lineup) surprise party for the singer on the 15th and a funk band gig at a hotel on the 21st.
    I must be mad but I still scan join my band adds from time to time, to be honest old contacts seem to be more fruitful for getting future gigs so not burning bridges pays dividends.
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    It's famine or feast it seems.
    Been nice and quite of late, I rehearsed with a new band doing the Brit 60s pop thing with full line up and amps a couple of weeks back. It was odd as everyone was competent but took 25 miniutes for everyone to settle and start playing together rather than just playing the same song. A couple of hours later I realised I wasn't listening to the drummer, not because he was bad but the reverse, he was so good I could just play and not worry about what he was up to, he was in the pocket as they say. All very patient experienced musicians and a treat to play with them.
    Anyway I've now got 4-5 gigs depping with my friends pop band, the newer counry rock outfit want to get gigging soon and the old country band have awakened and arranged a couple of gigs. In three weeks time I go into panto land orchestra pit for a week and my main funk band are begining to fill up the diary.
    I need a lie down just thinking about it, shouldn't complain really though.
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    That sounds like a great problem to have. I hope all bands, gigs and pantos go well for everyone involved.
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    Thanks Lester, It sort of is a nice problem and definately one I brought upon myself. I did decide to have more 'us' time a few years back and I'm ready to retire in a few years time. I'm just aware that you can't turn on and off the gigging scene and good work/musicians and general musical opportunities, tend to go to those in the middle of it rather than on the periphery.
    So I continue to dabble so that when I am retired and have time I can still enjoy my music.
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    I'd love to have a crack at a bit of country-rock myself, not that I'd necessarily be all that good at it, just a style of music I enjoy listening to. It's always great to find yourself working alongside excellent musicians, and I sure that's richly deserved in terms of your own playing ability. You are obviously in some demand as a guitarist, which has to be a compliment - nice problem to have as you say anyhow, and like Lester, I do hope it all goes well.
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    April already!
    So panto went well and included songs like Superstition, walk Like an Egyptian, every little thing She does is magic and Bohemian Rhapsody. The latter cut a bit in the middle to save time but I got the big solo to the end so all good. The actors did a good job of the Harmonies too, commendable performance.
    It's been less busy that first predicted, We had a country band gig cancelled in Feb due to a committee upset and meeting, then a gig I was to do covering the pop band got cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.
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    "then a gig I was to do covering the pop band got cancelled due to lack of ticket sales."

    I told you the Gary Glitter tribute band wouldn't work.
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    You were right too, and thanks for lending me that pink glittery jump suit as well @Kevin Peat, it was snugg but comfortable. ;-)

    I got interrupted mid post and had to get back to work. The indignity of it! Anyhoo, The Sixties band had a harmonies night last week with just guitar and voices, wonderful fun and a great sound.
    Tonight a semi rehearsal at the drummer house for the funk band and a couple of gigs the first weekend of May. I've just bought a 1x10 powered speaker of good repute to use as an acoustic guitar amp, monitor and mini PA if needed. The Turbosound Milan M10 seems to be superceeded with the iQ10 so they are selling dirt cheap (ish) at just £210 delivered. Tonights test will reveal if it's a wise buy.

    The diary of gigs for April is just 1, and I did that with the pop band last Suturday in someones conservatory at thier bungalow. 80th Birthday party, so no room to complain about aches and pains. Space was at a premium so I used my rehearsal pedals and 20w combo with just one guitar! Of course I forgot a tuner and the strings were a bit old/in need of replacement. Otherwise the diary is decently full going forward.

  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,230Member
    "1x10 powered speaker of good repute"

    Unlike the 5'2" Speaker of ill repute in the House at the moment.

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    I've cut right back on the gigging front, too. After a couple of years that have been my busiest ever I now have one of my quietest - just six in the diary. Three were theatres with the rock'n'roll show. They were all great. It's a really good band, but a victim of its own success - the only way we can make enough money to warrant the effort, the gear, the soundman, the travel etc is to put on these theatre shows. And they take so much effort that I'm not sure we'll keep doing it. Then, coming up, I have a couple of duo gigs, one with a blues man who I've only gigged with once before, and one with an old buddy who I've done a lot of gigs with. Then in July it's the first outing of a newly formed trio paying blues and swing and boogie - lots of Commander Cody, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and a bunch of my own stuff. It's going to be the most guitar-orientated band I've been in for about twenty years and finally it's a chance to play some of my originals. I need to get my chops up together big-time for this band. I've got used to playing with a piano player and going back to a trio will be a bit scary.

    Anyway, that lack of gigs is my own fault really. I told a few people I didn't want to play for nothing. Turns out nobody wants to pay me...
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    Derek_R said:

    I told a few people I didn't want to play for nothing. Turns out nobody wants to pay me.

    That has pretty much been the story of my life for the last decade or so.
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    @Derek_R loike Lester says that's pretty much it. Ever since the success of Live Aid, the world and his mother think all musicians can work for free and life is just one big party. Add to that the idea that you can download any music for free and the mindset is formed.
    I've managed to pay my mortgage with 'good exposure' for years!

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    I rarely played for free but did it for 'meal vouchers' rather than cash. I'd pick a restaurant I liked the look of and took my guitar in to do an impromptu audition and offer to play a free gig as a trial. It cost the restaurants very little to employ me but each gig was a three course meal for two with a bottle of wine - not redeemable at a weekend but that was OK as my wife was not working then. That was fair and decent pay to me.

    When the lads were small and money was tight this was really handy and I didn't have to pay for a meal for three years. A nice little circuit... and then every other ****er with a classical guitar had the same idea - only they were too STUPID to cut the same deal and the bottom fell out of it.

    My last gig was for a tomato on a bit of dried ciabatta. That's when I decided to quit.

    I'm an old has been now. It's delightful to hear Derek's still pushing it out there.

    Solidarity, Comrades !

    Musician's Union ! Whatever happened to that ???

    We've done this to ourselves. Well paid (in day job) amateurs have sold all other amateurs out.

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    My biggest payout was a London gig in the nineties. I got £200 for a three hour (double) set. What happened to those days ??? It's hard to imagine now.
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    I'm not really pushing it very far out there, Kevin. These day I keep hearing people who are so good I feel rather deflated. I've taken up painting instead!
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    If you're talented it all comes easily. I found, eventually, that no matter how hard I worked I did not have talent and was never going to get it. So my guitars have been in a corner for years - just for me now. I rarely play in front of people.

    A clue is when you do your best and get ... "Meh."
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,230Member
    Further. It's not a competition. Some of the best musicians I've heard have not been that good technically. It's all about attitude and personality.
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    Kevin, I have to agree with the last point in particular. There are a small number of bands that have commercial success with technical excellence, the like of Yes spring to mind, but largely I find bands need three key elements.
    1, Play something lots of people want to hear (enough to go out and maybe buy tickets).
    2, Perform rather than reproduce the songs, it's a subtle difference that has a major difference 'out front'.
    3, You need a driving personality, someone that believes in the band. Often this is a member of the band (but not exclusively). Often that person has less talent than you might expect, but they organise the band, get the gigs, make sure PA/lighting is done, ensure people get fed. You see band leaders all the time that fall into this catogory IMHO they include Alexis Korner, John Mayall, Mick Jagger, Mick Hucknall, Jay Kay (Jamiroqui).
    Sometimes you get and explosive band where there is more than one driver and they happen like a shooting star (The Police).

    For my part I fully recognise my lack of musicianship and theory knowledge. Never had a proper lesson on guitar. It's all attitude and bravado I guess, I love what I can do and push to make things happen. I'm older now and won't organise bands anymore, I'll nudge and help here and there but I have a full time job and hobbies, running a successful band is no longer something I want to spend my time doing, it's a thankless task.
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    Well I've been gigging steadily over the last few months with one band or another. I double booked myself last saturday and had someone dep me in my band while I depped in another (they asked me first and I agreed when my band still had no gig).
    So played in a barn, everything miced up. 7 piece outfit with two female vocals, keys, bass, electronic drums, and two guitars. 4 lead vocals available plus a fith for extra harmony. Sounded lush at sound check and pretty good well into the first set. But by the second set I was strugging to hear my guitar and by the third set it was hell.
    My dear old compressor (Boss RCL-10) started crackling, so I took that out of the circuit after a succesful sound check, I wonder if someone stepped on it? While pondering what to replace it with this morning, I decided to splash out on a Helix HX Effects unit.
    So a big change is pending for me, I'll replace most of the pedals with this and have less bulk and weight to lug about. I've got a family wedding this weekend so no gig. That gives me 10 days to faff about learning to program and use this new unit. Watch this space.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,207Member
    I must say I'm a bit surprised ES - I kind of had you down as a man of the old school (and nothing wrong with that), and here you go investing in new tech. I do hope the HX Effects works out well for you, and maybe even opens up a few new ideas/possibilities. I'm certainly intrigued to hear how it goes and what your impressions are I must say. Glad to hear the gigs are still coming for you as well. :)
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 980Member
    Well Megi I've reached the big 60 at the end of last year and I'm starting to think about weight, bulk and carrying stuff. I've got a big 4 wheel trailer of old tech PA and lights as well as 3 guitar amps and my huge pedal board. I'm definately not unhappy with my sounds, but I watched a video a while back that got me thinking.

    So I could replace my old comp for say £200 or potentially replace the whole board for just double that.
    I shall be using the new unit into my existing valve amps and have the option of linking my regular pedals through send/return loops in the unit too if I want to keep say the Wah or a specific overdrive. I'll also still take multiple guitars to each gig so I'm just saving myself a little hassell.
    Now there are limitations to these units like failure means you loose everything! The default is bypass so guitar into amp still works. I downloaded the manual first and had a read. Last night the unboxing was slightly daunting even though I use computers for a living. I need to learn the whole philosophy of stomp, bank and scene and decide when or where that is best applicable to me.
    First use seemed easy until I went up a blind alley and couldn't get back to my (unsaved) starting point, experience being most usful before you aquire it!
    A couple of hours and I have 6 basic effects I find usable in a single bank and a second bank with some fx I can use for a Dirty Rock sound on one button.
    I have no doubt I will refine this over time as I get familiar with the unit and how to optimise it's use for my varied gigs.
    I'm going to a (new to me) jam near Clacton on Tuesday with a friend of mine and I may well take the HX fx along for a baptism of fire in a non critical situation.
    Next gig is for Gay Pride in Colchester on the 29th and thats a 45 Min set of funk on a huge stage with us only needing backline and a fast changeover!
    I can't see me parting with my pedals, I may take along the carrier bag of spares I use for rehearsals as my backup for a while.
    More to follow on this I'm sure.
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