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TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
Never used this bit of the forum as I've never had a guitar lesson. I do now teach guitar (in my own bumbling way).
I have recently been following Marty Schwartzs free email course (soloing). It's brilliant. I love the laidback easy way he explains and demonstrates the interconnectivity of scales.
Stuff I took years to work out (by ear) and couldn't really connect up, he solved so many of my little hang-ups in just the first two 10min videos.
I have deliberately avoided learning formally as I'm an artist and have used the guitar to write music and create my own way/style. However, i now realise how much i've been missing by not having a few simple details.
This guy is a good teacher, even by youtube video.
Worth checking out...but I guess you guys probably already know all about him?


  • LotusLotus Posts: 332Member
    I've used a couple of Marty's YouTube videos.

    As you say, laid back guy who explains things in a straightforward manner.

    I've not signed up to his e-mail link, but might have to reconsider that.

  • divdiv Posts: 217Member
    When i brought my "starter pack" at the end of last year it was Marty's youtube stuff and The Complete rock guitar Series with Peter j.Finlay dvd that got me progressing, to be honest at the very begining its all i used, still use the freebie online Marty stuff, and brought the second in the series of the complete rock guitar series, am gutted there wont be any more of them as i find them easy to learn from (take note enterprising people that can play/teach/ use an edit suite and camera)

    I signed up to the Marty Schwartz mailing list and you do get some good advise on there but also get the idea its a little sales pitch going on each time... hey the guy (in my opinion) is a good teacher and needs to make a living so thats fair
  • TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
    Yes, I had to ignore all the superfluous rambling. He does go for the hard sell, which at first made me think it was some kind of scam. But ignoring all that, the free soloing lessons are excellent. They are very down to earth and build upon the pentatonic as long as you have a knowledge of that, it's great.
    I teach (many things)but recently began teaching guitar again, that's why I thought I'd check out some of the online lessons.
    I am tempted to try recording lessons as videos, as one of my students records me on his iphone so he can study the exercises.
    I will check out the complete rock guitar series also, cheers div.
    Any recommendations for other video lessons?
  • The TiggsThe Tiggs Posts: 333Member
    Both Marty Schwartz and David Taub offer good value in my opinion. I've had a few months membership of each of their sites. Justin Sandercoe is better (and cheaper) but you might not like his style. If you are having trouble with rhythm Marty's beginners course is really very good.
  • deanoetdeanoet Posts: 78Member
    Yeah, when searching youtube for "xxxxxxx guitar lesson" his tend to be near the top and quite good and easy to follow. It was his version of wonderwall that I ever learnt to play on guitar. \:\)

    There is another one as well on youtube who is quite good, but i cant remember his name. Atwork so cant check either.
  • NicMartin63NicMartin63 Posts: 32Member
    I quite often visit the Marty Schartz site, and I also really like Juatin Sandercoe:

    and "Your Guitar Sage"
  • The TiggsThe Tiggs Posts: 333Member
     Originally Posted By: deanoet

    There is another one as well on youtube who is quite good, but i cant remember his name. Atwork so cant check either.

    Siggi Martens?

    He's good too.

    One thing that does help me a lot on You tube is when some of the intermediate players do a cover of a song - even though they might not be very good I learn a lot from them too.

    There are a number of obviously commercial people on the Tube as well, trying to get you signed up for this or that but with the ones mentioned in this thread there should plenty to go out without spending a fortune on it (or even without spending anything really).
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    There is no Mojo!
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