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There's been a lot of talk about Jazz on the forums recently, and fusion has also been mentioned.

Links here to three fusion lessons by David Wallimann - might be of interest to some of you hopefully.
David Wallimann Fusion Lesson 1
David Wallimann Fusion Lesson 2
David Wallimann Fusion Lesson 3

I think he's got the qualifications for teaching this. In 2001 he won first place for the Tal Farlow French national jazz contest which gave him a full paid scholarship to the CMA school of modern music in Valenciennes where He graduated specializing in advance guitar with honors.

Fortunately,a nd more importantly, he's able to explain guitar playing without making it too technical and theory based - it's more about the physical act of playing notes. I've had more "Ah-hah" moments in lessons from David than any other guitar teacher I've tried to learn from.


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    Thanks for sharing!

    He does speak quite clearly, which helps a lot. I'll get round to watching these as the week goes on.

    Currently I am trying to expand my playing and this is perfect as its not a style I've touched on at all.

    I thought it quite funny in the first lesson as he was talking about the 16th notes. I am going through the 'A Modern Method For Guitar' complete book, and I hit the start of the 16th note section today. What a coincidence!

    All the best
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