Sold: SG2000 for £1250 and SG3000 for £1450

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Hi there,  I have two SGs, an SG2000 in cherry sunburst from 1981 with no coil taps but it does have the T-block neck and sounds fantastic. I'd be looking for £1250. I also have a newer SG3000 Custom in Black Metallic. Almost perfect shape from early 2000s. Looking for £1450. 

Let me know if either of these interest you. I'm in Brighton and get to London fairly frequently.  All the best Merlin


  • merlinmerlin Posts: 92Member

    Oh, I also have an SG600 in tobacco, probably be looking for £400. 

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    Thanks for getting back to me.


    I actually bought an SG2000 - a lovely tobacco sunburst from 1977.


    As much as I'm tempted by another one, I think for now I'm out of the game!



  • merlinmerlin Posts: 92Member

    Well done! They are superb instruments and I've had an on-off love affair with them since they came out, believe it or not. 


    Over the years I've owned 6 Yamaha SG models, but my current favourite is my tobacco SG1000 from 1982. I own way too many instruments though...


    All the best and thanks for getting back to me, 



  • merlinmerlin Posts: 92Member
    Both sold elsewhere, thanks to Richard for the facility!
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